Do you believe in a higher power, a power beyond yourself? Maybe you think that’s an odd question to pose here, but the answer goes to the core of Creators Bounty.

If you’ve tried to lose weight for years, experimented with different diets, and felt that no matter your best efforts, nothing has been a permanent solution, we understand. And we want to help you to get healthy.

An Abundance of Healthy Foods

At Creators Bounty we believe our Creator provided everything we need for sustenance. Our world includes a plethora of healthy food sources that contain all of the nutrition we require. 

In fact, 60% of the food eaten in the world today was developed over thousands of years by the indigenous peoples of the Americas. But so much of that food has been corrupted into processed forms that saturate our bodies with excess calories, harmful chemicals and other unnatural substances. Isn’t it time to get back to wholesome eating?

Conquering Temptation

In a place where temptation is all around us and the global food industry has deliberately created foods that are physically addictive, willpower isn’t enough. Choosing to trust in a higher being is an empowering concept. It frees you to conquer temptation, recognize new possibilities and see opportunities for growth that previously seemed unattainable.

Acceptance of that higher power removes the burden of handling everything alone. No matter your belief system, people of faith have one powerful thing in common, we know that WE are not God. And that concept underscores the foundation of Creators Bounty.

Science-Based Nourishment

We set out to develop a modern, science-based program that promotes nourishment according to human nutritional needs. After 20 years we have discovered that nature and science converge when it comes to how we were created and the healthy diet we were meant to eat. 

Creators Bounty embraces nature and traditional foods as gifts from a higher power, bestowed on humans to provide sustenance for generations to come. Not only were you meant to eat those wholesome foods. Their very existence reinforces the belief that you belong here and you have purpose.

Learn to Love Single-Ingredient Foods

Creators Bounty respects the pleasure of eating, giving your body time to savor the tastes and textures of food grown in nature – food that hasn’t been commercialized, genetically modified, or mixed with additives, preservatives, dyes or chemicals.

When we eat single-ingredient foods, such as fruits and vegetables, we are feeding our body and spirit. We are returning to the healthy ways our ancestors ate. We feel satisfied.

End Your Addiction to Unhealthy Foods

Let Creators Bounty help you lose weight and keep it off forever. We’ll give you the tools to make permanent changes in your life.

You can break free from your addiction to toxic, unhealthy foods and create new positive eating habits in their place. By understanding the tenets of natural sustenance, you’ll tap into an amazing source of strength that helps you ultimately achieve your weight loss goal.

When you change your outlook, you can change your life. If you want to respect your body, there is only one way – the Creator’s way. Join Creators Bounty to embark on your personal journey to get healthy today.