Nature´s Most Powerful Blood Sugar Reducing Combination Available!


Nature Has All The Answers For Lasting Wellness

Decades of research in human nutrition and herbal medicine have proven what some have believed all along — that the foods and remedies grown from the earth are exactly what our bodies are looking for. If you believe in a Creator, a Higher Power, as we do- then you’ll see it’s clear that nature provides what we need for optimizing health.

So why do so many of us struggle with excess weight?

Break Free from Food Addictions

You’re overweight. You’re tired. You’ve tried every diet; nothing works. You’re ready to give up.

It’s easy to understand why you feel this way. But it’s not entirely your fault. You’ve been exposed to an onslaught of toxic, heavily processed foods. These products are chemically engineered to be addictive, driving obesity and disease. It’s no wonder you’re always hungry!

The high-fat, nutritionally bankrupt food you crave are manmade poisons that enslave you. But here’s the good news. You can break free from those heavy chains keeping you from living your best life.

You are not alone!

With hundreds of diets out there, and so much conflicting information about food, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The once-simple act of eating has never seemed more complicated. With over 40% of Americans overweight and suffering from a poor diet, obesity is the leading cause of death. We’re clearly moving in the wrong direction – away from nature, away from our Creator.

Creators Bounty is different. With spiritual, historical and scientific truths at its core, it promotes a healthier lifestyle according to our Creator's design. If you want to be healthy and respect your body, there is only one way – the Creator’s way.

Use Scientific Discovery and Ancient Truths to Make Gradual, Positive Changes

In the beginning, there was creation. Then came nature, our natural world and finally, human beings. Throughout the last half-century, humans have made astonishing changes to the foods we consume. Unfortunately, most of those changes haven’t been positive.

Instead, we’re eating highly processed foods that contain excessive sugar, salt and chemicals. And we’re seeing the terrible results. We’re overweight, over-tired, and overwhelmed about our situation.

Yet the answer is so simple. The science of nutrition has proven the best form of nutrition is as close to nature as possible – as we were created.

It’s time to liberate yourself from addiction and live your purpose. You deserve a healthful and joyful existence. You are blessed to live in a land of abundance with nutritious, tasty foods that were created to satisfy you. 

Use the natural resources available to make positive changes for you and your family. When you gradually modify your habits to reflect creation, your true self will emerge. The excess pounds will come off as you become the person you were created to be.

Our Happy and Healthy Customers are the Main Reason We Do Our Work

-22 lbs

Caryn was thrilled with the results she saw after being on the Vida180 plan for four months. She had lost 22 lbs and was down to a size 10 pants.

Caryn F.
- 22 lbs
-104 lbs

I must admit that the Creators Bounty plan was easier than I thought it would be. The recipes I have tried were easy to make and were delicious.

Henry E.
- 104 lbs
-66 lbs

I'm no longer shy and confidently approach people. Going to the beach and getting in the water are enjoyable activities now.

- 66 lbs

Reshape Your Lifestyle

If you’ve struggled with your health for years, Creators Bounty offers a fresh approach. We simplify health by zeroing in on natural foods and remedies that improve blood sugar and gut health, helping you fight off chronic illnesses like pre-diabetes and diabetes.

Lower Blood Sugar Dramatically

Restore Gut Health

Lose Weight Fast

No More Sugar Cravings

We’re all about developing healthy, balanced, and sustainable lifestyles that work for you. Creators Bounty blends the best of ancient wisdom with modern living, offering a simple yet effective path to wellness.

The boost in wellbeing you're going to feel will spark a fresh sense of energy and life. And Creators Bounty is there to support you every step of the way.

How Can Creators Bounty Help Me?

The Missing Link to Successful Weight Loss

In today’s world, key nutrients have been bred out of our fruits and vegetables to be more palatable to the average consumer. Commonly called bitter nutrients, they’re no longer found, even in organic foods, as they once were. When you remove these bitter elements that our Creator intended us to have, you lose many essential nutrients and healthful benefits.

Elohivim is a scientifically created supplement designed to fill that nutritional gap. It’s the missing link that makes getting to a healthy weight so much easier!

Developed for exclusive use with the Creators Bounty program, Elohivim brings back those lost nutrients. They form the foundation of gut health, which drives total body health, from nutrient uptake to organ function. And here’s the best part – they reduce food cravings and those incessant feelings of hunger that cause you to overeat!

Elohitrim is Nature´s Most Powerful Blood Sugar Reducing Combination Available!

With its unique and powerful blend of natural ingredients, Elohitrim directly addresses the root problems caused by today's sugar-filled diets. These ingredients work together to stabilize blood sugar levels and reverse insulin resistance, which is key in preventing unwanted weight gain and managing sugar cravings. By boosting the body's ability to process sugar efficiently, Elohitrim supports a healthy, balanced metabolism.

Plus, when you pair Elohitrim with the nutrient-rich foods of the Creation Diet, you will help your body restore metabolic function on an even deeper level.

Elohitrim reconnects you with the natural balance of your body, guiding you away from the risks of high-sugar diets and back to the complete wellness once enjoyed by our ancestors. Say goodbye to the cycle of sugar highs and lows and embrace a future of lasting health and weight management with Elohitrim.

Unlimited Coaching From Our Experts in Nutrition

Most people who start a new diet think they don’t need coaching. At Creators Bounty, it’s easy to think "I have the Creation Diet System. I’ve got these great supplements. What more do I need?"

We all want to believe ‘I got this.’ But at some point – especially in a quest to regain our health and navigate an ocean of confusing food choices – we need a bit of guidance. When that day comes, we’re here for you.

Our team of experts in the field of nutrition are always available to answer your questions and help you push past challenges. Whether you need a little help or a lot!

You’re not
It’s easier

You’ll also have access to the Creators Bounty online community where, if you choose to participate, you’ll meet like-minded people facing the same challenges. Share as little or as much as you want. Get positive feedback on your successes and understanding when you struggle – all of which will help keep you motivated throughout your weight loss journey.

The Creation Diet System - Our Perfect Foods Were Created Right Along With Us

Ditch the fleeting fad diets filled with strict rules and temporary results. The science of nutrition has proven the best form of nutrition is as close to nature as possible. The Creation Diet System is all about embracing a sustainable, healthy diet that naturally aligns with your body's needs, filled with whole foods crafted by our Creator.

  1. Return to nature
  2. Break free from your addiction to processed foods
  3. Stop dieting once and for all!
  4. Transform into your best, most healthy self

Our innovative approach to healthy eating is rooted in nature, empowered by science and guided by Creation. You’ll enjoy nutritious, tasty meals that fully satisfy you, the way our Creator intended. It’s not as hard as you think because you're eating what your body was designed to eat. Creators Bounty makes it easy by eliminating the guesswork and frees you from those constant cravings.

Changing your diet alone won't bring lasting changes; redesigning your lifestyle will. If you're ready to begin a life of wellness, filled with nature's healing gifts - the way our Creator intended – we're here to guide you.

There’s Beauty in Simplicity, You Got This!

If you believe in a Creator, a Higher Power, like we do, then you will find nature provides exactly what your body needs to be healthy. Stop counting calories, starving yourself on fad diets, and struggling with your eating habits. Don’t spend another day wondering how to get healthy and feel good about yourself.

You can live a healthier, happier lifestyle, according to our Creator’s design. Take the first step on your weight loss journey today.

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Native American’s
and "The Old Ways"

Native Americans have understood the connection between us, creation, food and our Creator. As a Native American-owned company we honor the traditions and respect our ancestors gave to the food, so abundantly given by our Creator. We are grateful for the natural bounty that was created to nourish our bodies and keep us in good health.

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, whatever faith or beliefs you follow, you will benefit from the ONE single NATURE we all share.

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